Northern Living

The north seemed to be having a party the other night. The colors were stunning. Made even better with the long exposure and mad camera skills of my Darling Adventure Man. 

The streaks of light would shoot up like spotlights. And the fade to green then red was ever in motion. Truly a sight worth staying up for! 

Rurality Blog Hop #8


  1. Stunning! I so want to see the Northern Lights - kudos to DAM for his skillz!

  2. wow. that is magnificent!!!

  3. Wow, SO stunningly beautiful! Just once in my life (think bucket list) I'd like to see them... Thank you for coming by sharing your creative photography on Rurality Blog Hop #35!

  4. That is so beautiful! I really want to see it for myself one day! I would move north in a heartbeat! Thanks for sharing. Now I really want to move there :)

  5. the 'green wave' ~ beautiful photography shot ~ thanks, carol ^_^


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