Company Chicken ~ My Mama's Curry Chicken

This is my mom's recipe. She got it from one of her best friends. Now I make it, my sister-in-laws make it, my kids love it. It's actually one of the first non baby foods I fed all my kids. We have it about once a week. Plus, it's super easy.

But here's the secret: 

This is actually from a Campbell's soup recipe! My mom changed it up a bit to make it work for a larger group, cause she liked to serve this to company, as the name implies. So as I said, it's really easy, but not authentic Indian cuisine. Just really good.

3 to 4 chicken breasts (or, I use about 6 chicken tenders)
1  cup water
1 can cream of chicken soup
3/4 cup mayonaise
1/4 cup parmesan cheese
2 tablespoons** curry

Steam the chicken on stovetop in the water. 

(You can steam frozen chicken without even deforesting it, so easy!)

Remove from heat. Set chicken on a cutting board to cool. 

Add soup, mayo, parmesan and curry to the pot of water with the heat off. 

Whisk together. Chop chicken. Add chicken to the soup mix and put on low heat to heat through. The cheese will melt and the sauce will thicken. If it's too thick add some more water. 

Serve over your favorite rice. 
Top with raisins, non sweetened coconut flakes and almonds. 
I also like green onions on top. It adds a little more heat. 

I tend to double this recipe because my kids will sometimes eat thirds or fourths. Plus it's great for lunch the next day.

**My mom's recipe calls for 2 teaspoons curry. I have NEVER used that little, even when first giving it to my babies. And I have to say, when I make this for my parents, my Dad always raves about it. I also love to used different kinds of curry. Red Curry is usually hotter. Try it all! Find what your family likes best!

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