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About a year ago I started to realize that there was a change coming. In this the hospitality industry, when you are experienced with what is called a specialty property, you can find yourself being approached by other employers. The average general manager only stays in one place for about four or five years.

So we had had enough contacts just through LinkedIn to know the winds of change where starting to blow. 

That's when I realized that this blog, though I love it so, may not fit our life's description much longer. I may still be the Innkeeper's wife. But how long would we still be on the property? We lived on two different guest ranch properties for a total of eight years. But that's not as common as my kids seem to think. 

This line of thinking bright me to the conclusion that I either needed to change the name of my blog, or start a new one. Or maybe both. And then there is the fact that I'm out of photo space. So, the desition was practically made for me! 

I started a new blog. It's not meant to replace this one. It's just an extinction of my life. I went with a blog that I could talk about my other love, or passion, or, well self. It's my place to talk about my health, my fitness, my spirit, my soul. That is how Mermaid on the Mountain was born. I added it to the links up top almost a year ago, but never formally introduced it till now. 

I was waiting. I needed to let it evolve a little bit. I needed to see where we as a family where going. I needed to see how my life would play out. Now I've found that most of what I have to write about fits better over there. For example, I started to write about my thoughts on body Imige and public nudity in this post HERE. I will finish that series with the Mermaid. I may never finish it, it's kind of my life's philosophy. You'll have to stay tuned. So head on over and follow my mermaid self. 

Oh, one of the reasons I didn't share it until now is because my parents follow the City Girl Gone Ranch Mama blog. I was afraid of the shock factor. I'm over that. So just a little warning, I'm a lot more myself over there. And since it's a blog mostly about my health, I may talk a lot more openly about things that some might deem TMI. Just saying. 

Don't worry, I do have lots more stories about resorts and hotel life, so don't give up on Ranch Mama either! Really! The new resort is also a bar with a brewery. Let me tell you, there are already tales to tell! 

Do stay tuned! 


  1. I will head on over. Thanks for letting me know. :)

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