The Resort Spa: A Moment for Me

One of my favorite things about working for resorts is getting to utilize the spa! So when Adventure Man asked if I wanted a facial I was like, "Hell yeah!"

I used to work as the office manager for a resort spa. Because we were in a remote town, our therapists would have to commute. And sometimes they would be running late. So we all decided it might be a good idea if I knew how to set up for their treatments. And to really be good at this, it would be good to experience the treatments. (You see where I'm going with this…) And because I was saving their butts, they were more than willing to offer services. Plus, I was just really cool and they liked me. 

This past experience has kind of made me a bit of a spa snob. But the spa here in our Wyoming town is awesome. We have a new manager who is changing things up. Change is always good. Especially when it means they have to practice. And that's where I come in!

This morning I got to enjoy an hour long therapeutic facial. We don't have an esthetician so we are limited on some services. But really, this is my favorite spa service. All our stress and emotions end in our faces and to have someone focus on detoxification, hydration and massage, well, it's just an amazingly relaxing thing. 

If you've never experienced it, you really do need to give it a try!

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