March ~ DigIfYouWillAPicture

I joined a group on Facebook the end of February which I like to call Camera Club. The group was put together by Kit Kelly from BloggingDangerously. We adopted the Photo-a-day ideas from Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim. This was her March list:

I had such a fun time taking pictures and usually had more pictures than just one, I wanted to share them all here. So I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them. Here is my March list:

Up ~ the mountain from my back porch 
More Up ~ the driveway, from the road
My neighborhood ~ the barn
A smile ~ She got her braces today! 
5 pm ~ almost home
Something I wore ~ Her Hero 
A Window ~ My room
More of my window
Loud ~ so very loud
Someone I spoke to
Someone else I spoke to
Fork ~ the South Fork actually
A Sign  
Another very helpful sign ~ but look out, it's not a flusher
more signs 
The signs were actually very hard for me because there are so many great ranch signs around. But these are 3 very good ones. 

Sunglasses ~ and the rest of the stuff that gets tossed there by Adventure Man
Green ~ Eeew 
a corner of my house 
Funny ~ He wanted ice cream for breakfast
because he "really loves this stuff!"
Funny ~ Sheldon the balloon says, "Come and get me Ladies!"
Before and After ~ having kids 
Delicious ~ cinnamon toast 
Kitchen Sink
Moon ~ The day we were to take a photo of the moon, there wasn't one
But I had seen this on the night of the full moon and taken it.
I edited it in instagram on the right day!
Animals ~ Angus! 
my 3 year old's breakfast. PBJ! 
bacon ~ er, breakfast 
Keys ~ Ranch keys that aren't used anymore...
but are still in my house! 
my name
my name 
the trash that blew right in front of my car
Where I relax ~ Home 


  1. Kristen, you are such an artist! Dad and I love your pictures.


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