A Year Ago

It is funny to look back and think about where you were a year ago. I like to go into my photo program and pull up the last year of photos and go to the very first one. What was there. In this case, April 1st and 2nd. We were just moving into this beautiful home and onto this amazing ranch. We had a baby who was just 2 days shy of one month old. We had been in transition from our last post and waiting for the home here to be available so just a week after Bunny was born we hit the rowdy road and went to see our folks for a few weeks.
On the road ~ Don't worry, we didn't drive like this!
But I had just nursed her and need a place to put her!

Along the way, Bunny had some crazy beds! What do you do with a baby that little when you have a crazy dog who likes to steal passies? 
laundry basket bed

While we were there we blessed Bunny and since Bean had just turned eight, we had her baptized as well. This way we could have both sets of Grandparents attend and participate. What a sweet beautiful night!
A baptism and blessing while we had both Grandpa's together!
 Another makeshift bed!
A toy box bed 
 And then back to Montana where we got our things out of storage and home to our new digs. We couldn't have done it without the help of our amazing parents and some good neighbors, both old and new!
I'm SO glad we packed her!
The mess

Still finding time to snuggle!
And ya know, my house still looks this messy, just without all the boxes!  

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