Psycho Crazy Angry Bird ~ It's A Spring Thing

Part of moving is learning about new people. Essentially the neighbors. Are they sweet quiet people who only have a simple BBQ on the weekends. Or are they fun loving lively folks who play their music too loud and too late. Or, as in our case, are they the kind of mothers who walk on all fours and would eat your kids if you came across them in the woods? Yes, our neighbors are more of the wild animal variety than the human variety. But I never thought a bird could be so down right ornery!

My boy woke the other morning and started shouting, "Who's knocking? Who's knocking!!" It took me a minute to realize what the sound was that was so upsetting to him. It was the bird. He was back! Last spring and well into the summer we had a crazy robin who obviously thinks that we are invaders and our house is too close to his. Ok, not really. We think he is seeing his reflection in our windows and trying to fight the "other" bird. He bangs into our windows from sun up until mid day. It is SO annoying!!! 

I'm sorry for the poor state of the pictures, but I didn't have my camera this morning, just the iPad and my OLD (3 month old) iPad is NOT the NEW iPad, and therefor takes some crappy pictures. But anyway!

The other annoying part of this story is the mess he leaves on our windows! There are greasy smudges with feathers stuck to the glass and muddy bird footprints!

But sometimes you just have to grin and bear it, no matter how crazy your neighbors are! 


  1. Hi! Just thought I'd let you know I got the most fun today outta' painting our mare with our grandchildren. Banner has to have medication dips every so often so while she was out the tempera paint came from the big bin and we did polka dots and green mane, little tail, and blaze. My grandkids are awaiting to work on Sahara, the palomino (dunalino) Thank you for the great idea and will link back to you. BTW a woodpecker just made two holes into our attic. I'm really upset. Hope the family of squirrels eat their babies. j/k sorta' Happy Spring!

    1. That's so great! What memories that will make. Thank you so much for sharing!


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