A Hair Cut From A 3 Year Old

No, it's not that bad!! But I was struggling with our slow internet. With our slow computer. Trying to hurry and get the pictures of the party on the blog.

It has inspired some Haiku's:

Internet is slow
The mountain’s too far away
The phone man said so

I was really focused on getting it done. I was tuning him out and telling him that he couldn't have anymore fruit snacks. Why do they call them fruit snacks? We call them fruit candy. 

The boy got angry
She wouldn’t even look up
The boy cut her hair

Mama’s frustrated
Mama wasn’t listening
Mama didn’t see

The boy wants to cut
He wanted to cut paper
Mama didn’t hear

So I finally came to, it was the sound of the scissors that brought me out of my mind scream at the computer and it served me right. The picture looks much worst than it is. Luckily I was blessed with the think curly hair of my Father, of his Father. And it always surprises me when I see pictures of it, just how red it really is! 

Well, I can't tell. Can you? 

And look! He is still the little stinker who stole my heart! 

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