Fairy Wings and Lovely Things

We had Bean's birthday party yesterday. Something about a little girls party that makes me go nuts-o. But before you know it, she'll be trading fairy wings for ipods. She'll not want to spend 2 hours drawing a flying unicorn for "pin-the-horn-on-the-unicorn," and would rather spend the time texting her friends and wondering which boys would even come to a party for her (My guess would be ALL of them!). No, the little girl moments are fleeting and I wanted them to be full of memories for both her and her friends.
Can you say, "Mini-Me?" 

For how far away from town we are, we had almost all ten girls who were invited come. And they all played so well together. My 11 year old ran the whole thing, instructing and coaching the crafts, starting the games keeping the peace, most of the time. The only one who gave her any problem was her brother. But he's three. So what can you do?

Here are some of the highlights that I'm rather proud of. Enjoy!

The girls love making paper outfits with the Klutz books. They have all 3 Paper Fashion books, including the Fantasy book. They set to work for the past week making fairies to hang all over. I dug out my floral shop extras and made some arrangements to hang around. We also made fairy flower lights by cutting up a milk carton into flower shaped cups and sticking them onto christmas lights. I got this idea from pinterest.com. Although, Nil's flowers looked much better than mine! You can see her's and how to make them here.

Bean's Unicorn with one horn.

Bean's Unicorn dressed as a proccipine. 

I love how this shot turned out, with all the little girls with their wings and the sun coming through the window. Very fairy like. 

 More Fairies 

Baby Bunny enjoying her cake and ice cream! A lot! 

Our party favors were also a pinterest find. Form one of my favorite bloggers. Instead of your usual gift bag full of dollar store brakables. I made a "bug jar" for each girl and I spent the night before the party catching fairies in the wood beside the house. For as cold as it was, there were quite a few!

All in all, it was a lot of fun and a sucsses. Now if just blogging about it could have been! My 3 year old just cut a big chunk on my hair off!!!! AAAHHH!!! But now I have a great idea for my next blog! 

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