Accidental Cajun Turkey Soup

This is a follow up to yesterday's post. You know, where I burnt the turkey breast?

 So I cut off all the crispy outsides of the turkey breast and simmered these in a pot. This was the part that had all the seasoning on it, I couldn't just let it all go to waste!

The inside of the breast was still quite tinder and good so that got chopped up to add later.

 I used:
 About a cup of barley, washed, picked though and simmered in a few cups of water. Until it was big and yummy. (see! I'm so NOT a chef! I can bearly tell you what I did!)

Chop: Some carrots, a small onion, celery, some cabbage and a bell pepper.

I prepped the barley in a separate pot while the stock was simmering. This made it easier to remove and discard the outer parts of the meat. I also added about 2 or 3 cups of chicken stock to the burnt Cajun turkey. The breast was seasoned Cajun style, not that the turkey was Cajun. I just wanted to be clear! (I used homemade stock that I had in the freezer.) 

Once the broth looked ready (I'm so helpful!) I used a ladle to remove the turkey. I added the barley and veggies (but not the bell pepper or the good turkey yet) as well as a can of chopped petite tomatoes with the juices, salt & pepper to taste and let it simmer untill the veggies were just getting tender. About 10 minutes... I would guess?

Then add the meat and peppers and cook a little longer. This keeps the meat from getting chewy, which was amazing that it wasn't already! And it keeps the pepper from over cooking and turning to mush. Plus the pepper stays green. Don't over cook soup, I hate mushy vegetables!

 Now this was easy because I used breast meat that was pre seasoned. It would have been even better if the seasoned part got to stay because it would have been much more spicey!

If you are doing it from scratch you would need (I think): salt, garlic powder, paprika, ground black pepper, onion powder, cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes. Or something like that! But this is the Internet, so I'm sure you could find someone who actually knows how to cook and doesn't rely on happy accidents!

 Enjoy! We all did!

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  1. I tried commenting when you first pposted this but had a fight with the computer about recognition. The computer won! I gave up ~ will try again here instead of on the iphone.
    Just wanted to say how much fun your commentary is on your being creative with your 'mistaken' and overcooked turkey.Some of the best meals are created on the spot, are yummy and we wish we could remember what we did to recreate another day but... at last they end up being a one time venture.


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