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There are some great blogs out there with wonderful, step by step instructions to get you though even the toughest of recipes. They come with fabulous photos of mouth watering meals, that, if I could pull off, let alone tried, would send my family to dinner ecstasy and back! Two of my favorites are Our Best Bites and How Sweet It Is. Reading these blogs might make me a better cook, if I applied myself. What they really do is make me hungry!

This picture has nothing to do with the story
I just saw this in a market and had to share!
Perhaps we will try buffalo bergers
when the in-laws are here?
 I have some things I can make. Most of them are things I've been making since I was in high school. My mother was so proud that I showed such potential in the kitchen. To bad my cooking repertoire has pretty much stayed the same for 20 years!

 A few weeks ago I bought a turkey breast at Sam's Club that was preseasoned. It was actually a two pack as that's the nature of Sam's. I threw it in the freezer to pull out on a particularly uninspired day. I forgot about it until yesterday when I went out to the garage to get milk. We freeze our milk so we don't have to go into town so often. I was really digging in the freezer because I wanted to be sure this really was the last gallon. That's when I spotted the turkey. It's Cajun! I was so happy I had a plan for dinner!

 Jenny 'O was all defrosted and in the oven in time for a 6:30 dinner! I was so proud. Then Darling Adventure Man came in and informed me he was eating with the guests that night. If I had known that I would have just made roman! The kids were acting hungry and like they weren't going to make it until dinner, so that's what I did. We all had roman. It was fast and if I add green onions and chili oil, I can even stand it. I figured I would simply reheat the turkey tomorrow when we can all be there to enjoy it. (I know, what a wonderful example of health and nutrition I am!)

 Darling Adventure Man got home about 8:30 as I was wrangling up jammie clad half pints. He's better at bedtime patience then me so I was grateful it wasn't a late night for him. Not to mintion the fact that he goes in to work at 8 am, so it was only a 12 and a half hour day! It was at this moment that I walked past the kitchen and smelled a very well done Cajun. I had forgotten to take the bird out of the oven! I don't recommend making turkey jurkey out of an unsliced breast! Amazingly, even after 4 hours of roasting, the center of the gal is still good and I'm thinking a nice Cajun soup will be on the menu tonight. As long as I don't burn the water!

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  1. They say you need to laugh every day ~ many times a day. I NEVER get my quota! Thank you today for giving me some chuckles my dear.
    I so-o-o enjoy your musings.


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