For the Love of the Race

Junior High Track isn't about being the best. It's not about setting state records. It's not even about recognition. For the past month I have been the proud Mama of a tack star. No, she didn't win any races. In fact, most of the time she came in dead last, but she ran. She ran to get in shape. She ran because she wanted to try. She ran because her teammates were her friends, and they cheered her on. She ran because she wanted to. And she did it. What could make a mother more proud.

In track, there is a lot of this… 

And a lot of this… 

And when you're lucky and the day is hot, you may have a lot of these… 

The team does a lot of this… 

It's a time to spend with family and friends

It's a time for to spend with the team.

They get to run. 

Then they stand around some more. 

And some more.

Someone will aways be last… but they try...

And someone will always get to win too. 

And when it's your teammate, it's even sweeter! 

Good job, Lou Lou! I am so proud of you! 


  1. Sweet tribute of a sweet girl running.

  2. I'm proud of Lou Lou, too!!


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