The Changing Season ~ An Adjustment of Sorts

I know, you're thinking "Here Comes Summer!" And yes, and no…

Working Little Miss Six Pack ~
Get that 6pack Back!
I had forgotten some of the changes we have to make around here now that the guest ranch is expecting check-in's come Sunday. Most of them are good changes but some of them are kind of hard.

The biggest I think would be the people. Neighbors! It's a wonderful thing. In the winter there just aren't any! So, we have neighbors; our staff again! Such a great group of people! {They should be, we hand picked them!} Wranglers who help work the horses and feed. {No more hay in my boots! Yay!} And the kitchen staff who have an endless supply of yummies and they love to share. {Better get up from here and get the running shoes on or those skinny jeans won't cut it anymore!} The fence around the pool is going up! Which means it will be cleaned and filled soon. We've been swim suit shopping for the tween who keeps proving she can reach new heights. And the weather has been so warm this year! Much warmer than it should be, with less moisture. Last year at this time the rivers where all overflowing becasue of the rain and snow run off. {Forest fire anyone?} And a gardener to water, water, water! I think that's a full time job in it's self around here!

Friends Just Waiting to Happen
Then there are the other changes. With the flurry of activity, comes the fact that we are no longer alone on the mountain. ...We have neighbors again. I guess there is a down side to all neighbors. We can't leave our blinds open for the deer to see all… Who else will see? But we don't really do that anyway. Our blinds are black out blinds, which means they can make a room much darker. We did this because, with the summer's long days comes the fact that we are way, way, WAY north. And as it is now, the sun doesn't actually set until after 9 pm. Give us another month and convincing the kids that it's bedtime, when the guest's kids are playing in the park next to the house, because they're on vacation, and their parents aren't used to the daylight at 10 pm and don't realize what time it really is. {You get the idea!}
Adventure Man At the Grill

Longer days can also mean longer work hours for Darling Adventure Man. Eating dinner with the guests, hosting musicians and the campfire. {Ok, we do get to go roast marshmallows too, but that puts a whole new pressure on our kids who have to behave, and yet they are always trying to mother each other. This always ends in a fight because "So-in-so is telling me what to do!" It's a downward spiral.} DAM's not home until after 8 even 9 pm some nights. It's hard to live in the place where you work, especially when what you do is cater to people.

It's an adjustment for us all. Luckily, for us all, we love it! We love meeting new people! Wonderful people from all over the world who have come for their love of nature, learning, conservation and of course, horses.

So, yes, Here Comes Summer! And it's gonna be a blast!

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  1. Loving hearing about your resort/guest ranch/ super fun place. You do look like that movie star, Ann Hathaway...but I bet your life is way more awesome. We're praying for no fires too and working hard on brush clearing because our sheep and goats can't keep up. Be safe


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