The Photo-A-Day challenge  by fat mum slim was hard for me this month.  It's been a very busy month with Lou Lou in track. The practices kept her from riding the bus which meant that I had to go into town everyday to get her. Then the meets each weekend that took us over 80 miles out to the next town. It was so fun, but it wore us all down.  

Also this month was the science fair! Bean got to, or rather was required to (much to her delight), participate in the science fair this year. So we had two projects to do. It was loads of fun, and in spite of the extra work, I love that they love it! 
Lou Lou attempted to sprout a pineapple top and seems to have one that is showing root buds! She even brought a new one to do a demonstration. Bean planted lemon seeds and had some great starts to share! She also planted a seed in a jar along the side so we could see the sprout and root. We got the idea for both of these activities from pinterest

I would like to share some of my shots from DigIfYouWillAPicture. Now lets see what adventures we have in June. Starting with the last day of school tomorrow! Yeah!

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  1. When my oldest kid was about 5 (he's 23 now), he brought a lemon seed that was in a lemon wedge on the edge of my iced tea glass home from a restaurant and planted it. We had a lovely little tree for years. Then we moved to a different house and for whatever reason, the tree died :-( I hope she has some success with her's!


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