Little Town ~ It's in the Family

When you live in a small town out in the country, everyone knows you. When you've lived there all your life you know everyone. When your parents have lived in that same small town all their life then you are probably related to a lot of the town folks. If your grandparents lived in the town or perhaps the area, because it may not have even been a town than, the whole town just might be family.

That's a lot like how Little Town is. There are so many people here with the same last name that they don't even know how they are all related. One of the sons of this massive family passed away last week. He was a brother, a father, a grandfather, an uncle and a cousin. He was one of twelve children. Yes, I said twelve. That's no typo. He was the first to go of the twelve and none of them are all that old. It was sudden and a shock to the family as well as the community. Today was his service.

His four grown sons gave the eulogy.

• I heard about him letting his five year old son drive the truck. He told the boy he would be along soon. The son said it was a manual. He cried. He had to go threw some creeks and up some steep inclines.

• I learned that he was more comfortable on a horse than most people are in a rocking chair.

• I learned that if you get a cow mad, especially a mama cow, she'll put snot in your pockets.

• It's possible to ride a cow, but it is not advisable unless you want cow snot in your pocket or to get someone killed.

• I learned that most of his adventures ended with someone almost get'n killed.

• I learned that he told his young son that it was better to be trusted than it was to be loved. Because family will always love you. Your actions can't loose love but they can loose trust.

• I learned from his sister that out of all of them, he was the best for the job of going home, in order to be there when they arrive. What a reunion that will be.

I've never seen the church parking lot so full. I'm sure that the whole county was there. And everyone had a wonderful story and kind word to share. I have only known the family for a short year but I'm so grateful to be part of a community that has such an amazing family in its very heart.

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