Summer Days Are Here Again!

Summer Vacation Day 1.

               Sleep in   (CHECK!)

My little angels are big enough to not come in my room when they wake up before me on a Saturday. (LOVE!) At that point I had Bunny in bed with me, but we still managed to stay half asleep until… wait for it… 9 AM!!! I know! Right?

So here are some things I'm gonna try to do this summer with my bunch! (I'm so excited! So excited that they are all watching Kung Fu Panda so I can tell you about it! LOL!)

First: we have the word of the day! I pick a word, print it up, hang it on the fridge and we talk about it, use it, love it! Today's Word:

Waning, like, I can see they're excitement
for mom's summer activity is waning! 

 Next: I got this off Pinterest and just logged on so I could put the source but I never pinned it! OMG! It must have been back when I had no idea what I was doing, like yesterday! No really, if this is yours, because I didn't change anything, please let me know, tell me your blog address and I will give you all the credit you truly deserve! Cause this is Awesome! When I printed this up and taped it to the fridge the kids saw it, read it, and declared this to be the best summer ever! Now lets see if we can do it!

And lastly: We can't have all kinds of crazy fun without helping out. And my kids need to learn to help out! I'm going crazy here! So this I saw on Pinterest too, and also didn't pin??? I don't know what was with me??? But this one I retyped and so this is our list of jobs the way I want them done. And what I like about it is that it's not, "your turn to do it!" it's things we all have to do. And the day is broken down, so once we get the things done in the morning we can do the daily activity above, or go to the pool, or take a hike and then I can say, "Ok, it's time for afternoon chores!" And it's all right there on the fridge. No arguments. (Please work, please work, please please please!)

Now, Let the summer begin! I'm just so excited!!! 


  1. So you're really going to clean windows WEEKLY!
    Wow ~ mine are lucky to get the treatment twice a year!
    I'm impressed Think I'll borrow your list though for inspiration!
    Let the summer begin! Good luck to us all.

    1. LOL! It's called Windex wipes and the kids love 'em! I'm not planning on doing it myself! Child labor is for kids!

  2. I love this : especially the word of the day and the day of the week activity. I need to do that, even though they are toddlers. I still think they would absolutely appreciate...at least, I know I will. Thanks for sharing =)

    1. Thanks! My 11 year old keeps telling me we are falling behind. No pressure! But they really do like it. We want to put the words into a book. If I was more on top of it, I would make them do some drawings and writing about the words, but sometimes we just do what we can to keep up! That's how I feel today! :o)


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