The Tooth Fairy Wears Prada ~ Neon Green Prada

Our Dentist let us in on this little fact and it's such a great one that I thought I would share! This is amazing! 

Did you know,  that the Tooth Fairy has a very extensive wardrobe? And she is particularly fond of color. But, being a fairy, she is adventuresome by nature and always up for a challenge! 

The Tooth Fairy Dives in to get the tooth
and the water changes to the color of  her dress!
So, what our dentist does with his little one, is this: He has her put the lost tooth in a glass of water. Plain old tap water will do. Then they leave it for the Tooth Fairy on the night stand. We do it too now, and I swear, it has always worked! The silly little fairy has to dive into the glass to get the tooth, and this gets her dress wet! Well, as it so happens, her clothes aren't very good at holding their color and the water in the glass changes to the color she wore that night! It's been different every time! 

We like to leave a hand towel on the night stand for her to dry off on, and there is always a little stain. But don't worry, it comes off in the wash. Now, don't you just want to try it? See what she will be wearing the next time your little one looses a tooth! They will be thrilled!

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  1. What an adorable idea!! I want to try this next time. Too adorable!


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