Family Time, a Missing Pond and a Piss in the Woods

We had a day last week when Adventure Man was off. In fact, I think it was the first one since we opened! So we went for a hike. More of a walk really. We went to the pond just up the trail from our house. We went up last year, almost exactly the same time (last year was the 12th and this year was the 14th) and took family pictures. It was beautiful.

June 12, 2011 
This year I was amazed at what an easier time I had. I had just had a baby last time I hiked it. That, and last year was a very wet year. There was water on the trail. Mud threatened our every step.

When we got to the pond we realized just how dry this winter has been. 

June 14, 2012 ~ After a dry winter 
As the kids ran off to investigate the mud Adventure Man and I looked at each other. Knowing the trouble a dry summer can bring after a drier winter. What every awe inspiring thunder store can leave behind on a mountain top like ours. Fire.

The mud puddle that used to be the pond. Makes me think of The Land Before Time! 

Rock Staking By Adventure Man
We headed back home. We all had a nice hike. We got lots of fun pictures.

Little Bear in my "piggy-back" backpack still has a cough and wanted a ride.
Lou Lou took the picture. 
And then my 4 year old announced, just before the house was in sight, that he had to go potty. As the rest hiked on, I told him the wonderful secret of how the bears do it. He was delighted! 


  1. Every boy, girl, man and woman should learn to do it like the bears. Sorta embarassed to say my girlio could pee on a bush before she was housebroke. Enjoyed the pictures. Stopping by from SITS Girls. Happy Saturday.

    1. While hiking with our oldest we told her it was how the girl scouts do it. This was fine until I caught her dropping her drawers on the playground at school. She was 5. Yikes!

      Thanks for coming around!

  2. Wow! Your backyard is so beautiful. Found your blog from Sits Sharefest. Happy Hiking :)

    1. Thanks! It's not all mine! LOL Glad to meet you!

  3. another spot-on-amusing commentary on what many would pass over without recognizing the nugget as entertaining and of personal history importance.
    Keep up the good work and someday hopefully all this will end up in a bound book!

    1. Thank you, Leila! It means a lot to me. But who needs books when we have the Internet, Nooks and iPads!? All I have to do is make it into an ebook. LOL! (of course this will all go into some kind of bound book as family history!)


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