Working From Home or Living At Work ~ Is There A Difference?

Darling Adventure Man (aka DAM) is a really awesome father. I knew he would be. He's quiet, and patient and funny. He's really good at getting a whiney kid to laugh. He says, "You know what would help? Whining about it! (or crying or what ever) Let's all whine about it!" And then we all pipe up and the kids see the foolishness in their behavior.

DAM's Father's day, yesterday, kind of sucked. No, it really sucked. His wife, me, was up all night holding a baby who had a fever and was throwing up. We've all been there. So, the big breakfast I had originally planned on having for him when he woke was replace by him taking the baby and sending me to bed. He turned Father's Day into truly stepping up and being a Dad. I am very greatful. He did later get to take a nap. But then it was off to have dinner with the new arrivals and do the whole welcome thing. I think I'll plan something for later in the week, when he can be present and pampered.

Adventure Man goes to work about 7:30 or 8. He goes and has breakfast with the guests. He comes home and brushes his teeth then heads back to the office. Meets with the staff; has phone meetings. He answers phones and makes reservations, works out problems with the staff; handles guests problems; he helps with maintenance work. He comes home around 5:30 and changes his clothes, and sometimes showers if he has been hiking with the guest or working on repairs of some sort. Then he goes back and has dinner. He gets home for good about 9 or sometimes 10 that evening.

This schedule is not constant. He tries to rotate who eats with the guests so he can be home with us. But on average, he will work a 12 hour day. One of the challenges of living right here on the property, is that you never really get to leave work. We see guests and staff coming and going. We can be here to help in an emergancy. Once we had a guest come racing to our door at 2am calling for help, as her companion was having a diabetic attack. Adventure Man is a Wilderness First Responder, a volunteer fireman, and an EMT. We called 911, as the guests don't have phones in their rooms and DAM took care of things. That's what he does.

And so it goes. He's the Father of my children, my Husband, my lover, my friend. He's a hard working Man. He's the Innkeeper. And I am so very grateful to have him. Happy You are the Best Dad Ever, Day. Everyday!


  1. Sweet tribute~made mom cry!

  2. Sounds like an awesome dad. And it sounds like the mother's day I had- taking care of a sick kiddo. Coming to you from the blog hop! Have a great weekend.


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