The Big Four-Oh!

Doesn't he look excited!
Yep, he's 40! For such an important event we knew we had to have an "over the hill party." And what better way to celebrate, then with a piñata! It turned out so nice I wanted to share.

The kind of hills we have around here are snow capped mountains. So…

Over the Hill's!

We ended up having a pair of twins here that week who had the same birthday so we shared the piñata with all the guest kids. I was so proud of my kids, when we got it open, which was hard because we used a paper mosaic look that added an extra layer of glue and made it hard as a rock (thinks Steve Martin in Parenthood, sawing the darn thing open), they stepped back and let the other kids take most of the loot.

Adventure Man had to eat with the guests that night, so the piñata was really all we did. They all sang to the birthday boys and girl. When you add a bunch of guests to the mix of a homemade birthday, it can be quite a crowed! And since he'd rather not have had the day come at all, I think he handled it very well!

Happy 40th, Babe!

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