BFF's ~ They Come and Go

We live so far from town that it's hard for my kids to have friends over and play. That makes it hard for them to find the one special friend they can call a BFF. They have friends at school, but there is also the  awkward feeling that they don't really know anyone.

But here at the ranch they get to meet new friends every week. Kids who are here with their families, who want another playmate besides their brother or sister. We see them swinging out our windows and the kids run out to play too. A friend waiting to happen!

They get to play and swim and ride horses together all week long. They roast marshmallows together and throw rocks in the river. Then on Sunday they leave, and a new playmate arrives that evening. There isn't time to fight, or argue. They don't come in the house, so the toys aren't an issue. It's a perfect relationship.

Until this week. This week, it was a boy. A boy the same age as my daughter. But wait, these kids are getting older. This boy, wanted to hang out. He wanted to hang out with the Innkeeper's Daughter. Every time he saw Adventure Man he would ask if Lou Lou was going to be there too? At the BBQ? At the pool? "Could she come on the ride tomorrow with me?" What is happening here? Why does this friend feel different?

Get the gun!


  1. LOL! I felt the same way when I saw my 12 year old in a two piece swimming suit I got for her birthday. She just looked mature in it...stopping by from SITS!

  2. That's so funny :get the gun". My 14 year old has changed as well. He's now very interested in girls. I keep telling him to wait and enjoy the friendship. What does he have to be in a hurry for? Time flies too fast. I think it's wonderful that you live in a ranch. that would seriously be my dream come true. SO glad I found your blog through SITS. I'm following it. :)


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