Boots and Chaps and Cowboy Hats Make My 4th of July!

I learned a saying around these parts that I shared a while back. It was, that if you piss off a cow, she'll put snot in your pockets. Well, yesterday I realized the origin of this saying.

Now, this wasn't my first Rodeo. I have memories as a child, of my Grandma taking me to the rodeo on the 4th of July. I have to say, I don't remember if she took my brothers too, or my folks for that matter. I just know that was one of my favorite memories and there is nothing I enjoy more, than a Rodeo. So the fact that Little Town offers a Rodeo every 4th of July, and we take our lodging guests to it, makes it a very good day indeed!

There are some things that I like to judge the good ol' boys on. I know! The judges judge them just fine, but when the day is over and I've gone home and get to view the shots my Darling Adventure Man has taken, That's when my judge'n begins!

First: Hight. How high did they go!

The bronc's are great at this one!

We had more than one of this cowboy

And this hight is nice too, as it gives great show of just how much movement a horse can use to get the son's of cowboys off them.

Hight in a bull is unusual. But this big guy had a gift.

I'm going to give the one the winner for hight, as it also displays the snot. Which leads us into our next category.

Next then, (and this is a new one): Snot. How much snot did that bull put in his pockets?

See how the snot goes upward. Looking for those pockets!

He's got it!

And my winner for Snot in Pockets: I mean just look at it! It knows just where to go!

Ok, this is a fun one! Last of all: Dust. There's the Eat'n Dust, and Leaving Dust (that ones for the ladies)!

And lets start with the ladies. Barrel Racing! Woe, can they leave you in the dust! 

Total eat'n it!

Oh, that's gonna hurt! 

Now, here we have a bit of eat'n dust, and leaving dust. By the bull.

And our winner: What a great way to be remembered!

Now no contest is complete without a grand prize and this years grand prize goes to this dear cowboy for his own hight, the hight of his horse, and the amount of dust he ate, while his horse got even more hight! Well Done!

And in the end, my own cowboy bit the dust too.

All in all. It was a wonderful day! 
Happy 4th of July, Y'all! 

*Note, I kept losing shots in this blog as I was loading them, so if there are duplicates, please let me know! I can't see 'em right now! *~*


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  2. Hi! I'm a new follower from the Friday Blog hop. (Following you on Pinterest now too...fellow addict here) I love your pictures!! I have been to a rodeo once and I loved it!
    From Jenny @ www.cassandrazcorner.blogspot.com

    1. Welcome and thank you! I've followed you back!

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    1. You'll have to plan on it some time! We would love to have you!

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  5. Height, dust, snot, and OUCH, especially OUCH! These are wonderful shots. Does your manager man use a special camera? Whatever he's using, it certainly captures the action. But my favorite is the last picture of the little cowboy biting the dust. Perfect.
    Much Love,
    your Dodge lover

  6. Height, Dust, Snot, and OUCH! Especially OUCH. But the best pic of all, the lil guy bitin' the Dust. Perfect. Tell your Camera Man he's also got a gift.
    Love, 32 dodge lover

  7. wow! those are some amazing shots! And you're little cowboy is too cute :)

    Just found your blog! Can't wait to take a look around!



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