The Red Carpet and Stuff

Yesterday was an exciting day here on the ranch! We rolled out the red carpet for a group of young writers who had won an essay contest with the National Geographic. The ages ranged from about 9 to 14. They were here from all over the country and this trip was their prize. We only got to have them for the day but they got to go on a hike, learn more about our non-profit company, take a tour, swim in the pool, and have a cookout. What a teat for us!

While the kids were here, I was honored with some writing recognition of my own! In one day, I received both the Kreativ Blogger award  from Bev at Black Ink Paperie, and the Fabulous Blogging Ribbon from Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom! I was so surprised and delighted! Not only because, well, who doesn't love a little recognition, but the blogs who offered the recognition are some really great blogs whom I just found and love! So thank you to you both!

Awe, shucks! 
(I'd say I'm speechless, but that rarely happens!)

Ok, now I need some time to think about all this info y'all want from me and stuff and who to hand these lovelies out to so stay tuned as my toddler is unpacking my desk at the moment. My laundry is calling, my dishes do stink and my children are hungry. Again! 

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