Happy Blogiversary! One Year, Baby!

OK, I mentioned this before, but yesterday marked one year from my first post! Kind of amazing that it's been a year. Kind of amazing that I'm still here. Kind of amazing how much I enjoy this. You know, telling a bunch of strangers about my life. What's even more amazing is that people actually find my life, as the Innkeeper's Wife, interesting! Ha!

Please don't count the gray hair! 
So I decided to celebrate with Embrace the Camera at The Anderson Crew
The kids had a lot of fun. 

Bunny just wouldn't keep the hat on! Oh well… 

Party hats make everything fun! 

I know, it's blurry! But the look on his face just melts my heart! 

Mad Monster! 

So, that was what we did to celebrate. Then we had pizza, finished homework, bathed the kiddos and got them off to bed, almost on time!

Thanks so much for sticking around! I love your comments. I try to check in with everyone and read up on you, sadly basket ball schedules, cheer camp, music classes, Homecoming week, and hours of driving time makes it harder than I wish. I do appreciate you all! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Congrats to you!! here's to many, many more. take care. (:


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