Sunrise With A Lesson

For our anniversary, we splurged and got ourselves a new camera. I've been using my husband's old Nikon a lot lately so we decided that the new one should be for both of us and our anniversary seemed like a good time to do it. Plus, the ranch is having a Photography week this week. Timing is everything!

In May and September we have week long workshops for our guests. In the spring we offer Grizzly Week and two Birding Weeks. In September we have had a Hiking Week and a Photography in The Rockies week. We invite experts in the field to come and spend the week hiking with, talking with, and teaching our guests.

So this week my husband has been taking his our new camera around and getting hands on tips and tricks! Now I sure hope he shares some of his new found knowledge with me!

Here are some of his shots! 
Monday Morning Sunrise 
The Guests on Monday, in the act of Photographing the Sunrise.
 At sunset they headed out to the front to see the elk. Adventure Man was messing with all the new settings.
Purple Mountains Majesty 
Monday's sunset with the elk, and geese. 
 On Tuesday they hiked up to the ridge and waited for the sun to come up onto the field. Once it was high enough our wrangler set the horses out and chased them along.
Tuesday morning horse run.
 The gate to the main house where the original owners used to live.
He built everything with his own hands and most of it is as it was!

The river that runs through the property. There is a little foot bridge just to the left of this shot.

Wednesday they went out to the Front to see if they could do more with the elk, but it looked as if the land owner down there had been cutting hay and all they saw were geese and some coyote. They had seen a great horned owl, but he didn't cooperate with the photo shoot idea.
Go South! 

The Names Coyote, Wile E Coyote.  
I had gone into Little Town to pick up Bean from Cheer camp and take Lulu to Young Men and Young Women's Youth Group that night. When we came home we passed the van on the side of the road with all the guests out in the dark crouched in the grass. They waved us on as they had lots of folks stop to see if they were OK. I laughed and said I'd see them at home! I wish I had taken a picture of all them out by the side of the road!

Tuesday night they went out and star gazed. We have such an amazing amount of stars, the pictures are the first Adventure Man has tried and are fuzzy but still show the splendor. I will share them on Sunday.

Thursday morning they went down to the swamp lookout to see if they could spy a grizzly, but had no luck. The bears have been numerous this season, but are much more sparse now! Thank heavens!

 I'm so grateful to Adventure Man for letting me share these beautiful pictures with you!  I hope you have enjoyed them!

Now, I hope I can get a lesson in! And get to use the new toy!



  1. sounds like an excellent pick for an anniversary gift. it will be well used & keep up with many happy memories. enjoy!! (:

    1. Thank you! It will be well used I'm sure.

  2. Great photos! You are in such a great place to take them! Enjoy the new camera!

    1. Thanks, Diana! I have just started to fall in love with the camera and the view helps!

  3. Happy Anniversary and many more to come! Stunning stream shot, but I liked the orange wheels....you could say they "spoke' to me♫♪

  4. Congrats on your anniversary and on the new camera! Look forward to more awesome images from you two!

    1. Thank you Nancy! Your blog has inspired me! I'm officially addicted to photography.

  5. Hubs did a fabulous job with 'his, yours, and the' new camera....all the pix were excellent, and I espec. liked the purple mountain silhouette...your home is such a beautiful area!

  6. Oh these shots are beautiful and my oh my what a incredibly beautiful canvas you have to create your photo art. B

  7. Oh wow - you captured some stunningly beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing them and Happy Anniversary!!

  8. Beautiful series of shots.

    Mine's here.

  9. Like the sunrise shots. Yep, my hubby and I bought a nice camera for "each other" for our wedding gift, many, many years ago. Guess who ended up commandeering it? :)

  10. Gorgeous skies! Thanks for sharing on Orange You Glad Its Friday!

    Hood Photo Blog

  11. Wonderful post, love that wagon-wheel fence... ;-)

  12. These are just marvelous!

  13. Wow. Breathtaking.

    Happy anniversary and happy new camera!!

    Stopping by from SITS :)

  14. Love the photos! I am shopping for a new camera - any suggestions?


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