Date Night

Adventure Man said we should leave by noon. I was busy packing. We needed our swimsuits, PJs and something to wear the next day.

We had been planning this for a few months now and I was really excited.

We've been on dates before. I think. I can't really remember. Adventure Man says he took me out to eat once when his parents were here. Last October. As in October 2011. I know we went out for Valentine's Day in 2011, but we just went down to the Dairy Queen.

I've gone to dinner with him here at the ranch. But dinner is served Family Style and everyone eats at one large table. Well, actually 3 large tables. The last time I tried to join him we didn't even get to eat at the same table. At least I didn't have to cook dinner. But during the summer season, my husband works up to 15 hour days, not cooking wasn't the point.

So when Adventure Man said he wanted to go check out this little theatre in Big Town who has improv on Saturday nights, I was elated! The catch was that usually they have Performances before hand so the improv didn't actually start until midnight. He called the theatre and found out that one Saturday in November they would offer it at 8 pm. We were in!

We don't know anyone here. We don't have a babysitter. But we found a drop off daycare in Big Town that takes kids up until they are 12. It was now or never!

The weekend at hand was a snowy one. We had a storm that lasted for 2 days. Friday the kids had a snow day! Apparently the snowplow gets Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. We did it anyway. After all, this was a big deal! This was a DATE!

We got to the hotel and put the kids in their swimsuits. We all had a ball at the watersides. The hotel had a kiddy pool with a little slide and a big one for the rest of us to enjoy. Plus a hot tub for Dad to take the kids to when they got cold. It was perfect.

After the afternoon of water play, we took the kids to Pizza Hut. They had their pizza and bread sticks while we had our salads. Now, Pizza Hut isn't really known for their salads. I couldn't even finish mine, even though I was still hungry. But I sat through the whole meal without eating anything with gluten! I was pretty proud of myself!

After dinner we dropped the kiddos off and headed to the theatre with plenty of time to be sure and get tickets.

We drove up to the down town stage door and knew that something was a miss.

The whole building was black and there were no cars anywhere. We tried to call but only got a recording stating that that number was no longer in service.

We drove around. Trying to figure out what to do at 8pm in a town we dearly know when it is only 8 degrees outside.

We talked about doing some Christmas shopping,or going to the movies, but we never really did anything. We did drive by the theatre again, just to see if maybe we had the times wrong, but it's not like we could go at midnight, the daycare closed at midnight.

At some point my dear Adventure Man realized that I was starving. He took me to get an enchilada.
He watched me eat.

After that we had lost all momentum for the date.

So. We picked up the kids, took them back to the hotel room and put them all to bed. Six bodies in three beds in one little room.

All of a sudden, this wonderful idea we had didn't really seem like such a great one after all. In fact, it sure made Netflix by the fire sound good!

And we realized, who needs a Date Night?

Do you?

Do you have date nights? Have you ever had a well thought out night go bad?

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