Happiness Inside

Today I'm grateful for this. 

Seriously. This stuff is my fave right now. It reminds me of sunny beaches and crashing waves. Mangoes for breakfast and coconut water...

Which is good, 
because that's what it is. 

And when it's cold outside, pretending that the fire in the stove is the heat of summer and putting on sunscreen just to smell it. 

Well, I'll do whatever it takes! 
("some beach… Somewhere…")


  1. where do you find it? looks interesting. (:

    1. I get it at the local market here in Little Town, in larger towns I see it at health food stores. I've never found it in a big store like Walmart. It's worth the try!

  2. For real? I have actually seen it somewhere, but not sure if it was good.
    and if it can remind you of a sunny beach somewhere, hey, I'm all for it! Especially now with cold weather settling in...


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