Embracing the Camera While Trimming the Tree

Adventure Man took pictures of us trimming the tree. 
We decorated for the holidays right after Thanksgiving. 
I thought I would share. 

The question is whether or not she is helping or hindering? 

This was him saying, "Kris!" SO I looked up. Nice!

Dad made a yogurt shake to tide us over until dinner.

Bunny is getting sleepy and wants to play with Mama's hair.

Doesn't everyone have a Pink Panther Santa?

The Nutcrackers are ready to fight the mice!

And Super Santa is saying cheese! 

Happy Getting Ready For The Holidays, Y'all! 

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  1. I feel like this is our house when decorating. Kids just love touching all the lights and somebody is always tired:) I love all your nutcrackers. Stopping over from ETC.


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