My Month In Photos

I'm really bad at multi tasking. I'm way to ADD for that. I didn't get all my photos taken this month, but here's what I've got. I'm sure December will be even less, as I will be traveling. 

• something that starts with a "C"     • Color     • breakfast

• TV    • 5 o'clock    • a favorite thing (smiling) ~ I'm starting to think about elves…  • reflection ~ can you see my kid sitting on the couch in the hutch glass? 

• something I do everyday ~ check the temp.    • small ~ a small workout (ok, not for me!)    • something I can't live without ~ my water! it goes everywhere with me. Also the girl who stole my water!    • night ~ the night we went on a date only to find the theatre closed!

• a drink   • where I slept ~ well, the view from where I slept.   • Man made   • In your bag ~ it's preschool music class day! 

• the view from my window ~ two of them: the kitchen window is where I can see the construction on the septic and my bedroom window where my kids like to watch the annual deer eating of the halloween pumpkins. 

• the last thing I bought ~ I bought it to make a pie with, but ended up just buying a store bought pie later on! Now what to do with the pie pumpkin!    • something I wore ~ flour!   • black ~ the molasses for the ginger bread!   • sky ~ it was snowing, but the sun was shining? 

• grateful. 
I am grateful for family. 
The shells remind me of my dear sister-in-law who lives in Florida.
We collected these shells while visiting her there. 
Her husband has just been deployed again and so they have been on our mind a lot this Thanksgiving.

• in the cupboard ~ Mr Candy~Cane has come to stay again for the month! 

• tree
This 1st tree is over 900 years old, I'm told. It is located just a few miles from my home. The 2nd is on our christmas tree. It came with it's own decor! And the 3rd would be Mr. Candy~Cane again, up to his old tricks.

• vehicle  • Big (sky)   • on the wall ~ One of many pieces I have of my Grandmother's Red Cross memorabilia.

I'm sorry this is so late and I have neglected my Blog! But as I said, I am bad at multi tasking when I have company and want to do other things! Do bare with me this month. I am trying to get things scheduled before we go on vacation. And I promise I will be back together with everything come January! I may be gone, but I haven't forgotten you! 

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