The Internet is A Small World After All

I started using Instagram a year ago. My first picture was of my cat or maybe it was the dog. As you know, I have just reached and am quickly passing 1000 photos posted to instagram. Some of the pictures I have taken have been in regards to me having MS. I have used hash tags such as:
  •   #multiplesclerosis
  •   #ms
  •   #mswarrior  
  •   #beatms
  •   #mswillnotdestroyme 
And so on. Through these tags I have met many other warriors like myself and I have seen them struggle and have also been lifted up with what they have posted. 

A few days ago I posted this picture:

I used it for my photo-a-day shot for the word "favorite" because I love yogi tea and usually have at least one cup a day. But I also tagged it with all those MS tags, 
because this sentiment is really how I feel about my own health. 

A few days after that, one of the women who follows me on Instagram, who has MS, and I follow her back, posted this same picture. That's not uncommon in the world of IG. It is, however, good form to give the original photographer credit. Which she didn't. I wasn't too hurt by this, it's not a very good picture… but I wanted to see what happened, so I simply commented on the shot, 
saying that I recognized it. 
She responded that Pinterest was great. 

Wait! She got it off of Pinterest!? 

So in just a few days, someone who I've never met, but who follows me on Instagram and I followed her back, found one of my pictures on Pinterest, that I didn't post on Pinterest, 
and posted it to her IG feed! 

Do you follow? 
I'm not sure I do! 

Personally, and this is what I told her, 
if this simple message on a teabag has touched someone enough to repost it elsewhere, 
then that is what it was meant to do. 
And I hope it may lift others up as well. 
But isn't it crazy how this is such a wonderfully small world! 


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  2. It is nice to hear about the "good things"! Happy WW :)

    ~ Jill



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