The Leprechaun At Our House

He was at it again this year. 
Not nearly as funny as last year, which you can see here
But still, lots of fun. 

I spent the day before St. Patrick's Day making shamrock cookies for the kids at church. I was teaching and wanted to give them a treat. Adventure Man asked if there would be enough for his sunday School class (he teaches the 14 to 17 year olds, bless his heart!) plus there was a potluck afterwards so I was doing double duty. All in all we had about 90 cookies. 
And we only came home with one! Thankfully! 

This year he came in through the heater vent. 
And yes, it's quite dirty around there. Don't judge. 

He jumped up onto the counter. Walked across the counter top and got into the cookies.

He did leave the kids some chocolate coins.

As he went by, he stepped on my open cookbook. 
Opened to my mother's corned beef recipe. 

He jumped up onto the cabinets and onto the stove hood. 
Where he climbed into the cupboard over the stove and up through this hole. 

What a silly little thing he is! 

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  1. That is great! You really did it up, Ranch Mama. The footprints are excellent. The best I did was scatter Lucky Charms around the kitchen. Thanks for the ideas! And thanks for linking up to the hop! Great to have you there.


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