D is for Diapers. And Dog.

You already know the dog, now meet the diapers. For the most part, I cloth diaper. This was helpful living so far from town. Only, we have found that the trips to town made lugging soiled dipes around more of a pain. So we do use disposables for long travel. And then we have hard water here and that has messed with the cloth. So we started using sposies at night too. But for the most part…

I'm a Fuzzi Bunz Mama. But I also have a stash of prefolds. I have found that for the price, Econa Buns is great and I wish I had started off with them.

I'm at the point in life where I'm ready to start getting rid of some. I only have one in dipes and the other day I bought her a pack of panties. Yeah, we're talking the talk! Hopefully she'll start walking the walk.

She's growing up so fast! Already two! Where does the time go? Today is also Embrace the Camera, so here is my attempt at getting a shot of her and I. She wasn't really cooperating! 


  1. I'm fascinated with all the colour of diapers you have. Very pretty. Good luck with the walk the walk. And say my hi to the young lady.

  2. Cloth diapers! Wow! My mom used cloth diapers and I am the oldest. I remember washing them out and it was NO FUN. We use disposable. Love the colors you have though.

    Good luck with the a to z challenge!


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