E is for Elevation

We live at a very high elevation. 

We are the only year round residence who live this far up.

Well, not this far up. To get here you have to hike. 
It took Adventure Man all day to do this one. I have yet to do it.

This is more the view I see. Not so high up, but still higher than I'm used to.

my friend Crush in Maui 

My heart tends to drift somewhere else...

I got this quote from Classically Amber. I follow her on Instagram and she posted it there. 
I used my own picture to share it. Yes, that's me in the picture. 
There really is nothing I'd rather be doing than diving. 
I guess you could say I'm a regular fish out of water!

All Photos by Adventure Man

Orange You Glad It's Friday


  1. Wow that is totally cool! It must have been so fun diving and taking photos at the same time. Lovely pics. The sunset photo is amazing.

    Thanks for joining us at OYGIF.

  2. That's a lovely orange sky.

  3. Such a lovely place to live in!! Living with such beauty around is such a blessing than living in the crowded and polluted city! You're very lucky! :)

  4. WoW! Where is that? Simply gorgeous :)
    Happy A-Z April :)

  5. I am so wanting to trade places with you right now. You are blessed.

    Dropped by from A2Z


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