Q is for Quilt

Grandma's Quilts.

When I was a girl, I had a quilt on my bed. I loved it. It was made from scraps from my mom's dresses that her mother made for her and her sisters. Sometimes my mom would sit on my bed and tell me about the dresses and things she remembered, like where she was living and how old they all were. Her sisters and her. My mom still has that quilt. It's threadbare now.

When I was having babies, my mom decided she wanted to start quilting. She made one for each of my babies; her grand babies. I love the quilts. They are all special. They all have a story.

Like the cat giving birth on the blue and white one in Bean's bed while Bean, then three, slept beside her.

Now Grandma has taken on the task of making a quilt for each of my brother's kids (who are older than mine) as they graduate from high school.

She's very ambitious.


  1. Lovely quilts! That's actually one of my dreams (when I become a grandmother.) To give the grandkids something so personal, is a wonderful gesture.

    1. Me too! I should have said that, I've been collecting the kids clothes that would make good quilts for… someday!

  2. Those are beautiful.

    I got to know my mother-in-law better through asking her to teach me how to make quilts. I've done a couple of them (and learned how to use my sewing machine! bonus!)

    Hm, that reminds me... I have a half-finished one in a drawer... I should finish that...

  3. I love quilts too! I have one my grandmother made that was just scraps sewn together for lack of a blanket. In my garage I have a huge bag of pieces of my own children's clothing with high hopes of making each of them a quilt someday...at this point it will be when I retire!

    Happy Q! Great post....I am jealous of you quilts :)


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