R is for Rainbows

Everyone knows that a summer storm can bring a rainbow. 
Here in Big Sky Country we get a few storms. Up in the mountains we get even more.

But once we got a rainbow during an electrical storm, at sunset! I had never seen a rainbow in the dark! 

a rainbow in a thunder storm 
Now how can this be you ask? You need light to make a rainbow! Well this was what was behind me when I took the snapshot of the rainbow. 

And just beyond the bow, was a full on downpour coming straight for us!

Weekly Top Shot #78


  1. Beautiful! Big sky country must have excellent rainbows!
    The most vivid rainbow I saw was in New Zealand...we could see the beginning and end and it was so vibrant.
    Happy A-Z Saturday!

  2. Wow! Beautiful shots! I always have a hard time taking pictures of rainbows. They never seem as bright as they actually ARE.

  3. Such dramatic photos. The last two are spectacular.

  4. Beautiful! I love rainbows! What a great R post!
    A to Z-ing to the end
    Peanut Butter and Whine


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