S is for Sunsets (and Sunrises)

When we lived in western Montana we had a great view of all the sunsets. 
And let me tell you, there was a lot of amazing sunsets! 

Then we moved out here to central Montana and our house, and our valley looks east to the sunrises.  

There is a reason Montana calls herself Big Sky Country!

My mother-in-law says we have enough sun pictures to make a calendar.

Today I'm linking up with the I don't like Mondays! Blog hop. 
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  1. Sigh. I used to live in Illinois... and then Indiana... where we got spectacular sunsets and sunrises (I'm assuming about the sunrises bit... I'm NOT a morning person).

    Now we live in North Carolina... and I miss being able to see the horizon... (too many trees/hills). I know some people complain about the "flat" states being "boring" but not me!

  2. It's not quite the same, but watching the sunrise over the Atlantic is pretty magnificent too. I really like the photo in the last set up there with the mountains forming a V. That's a beaut!

  3. Beautiful!
    I once lived on the coast and have several photo album pages of the sunsets...one was even our Christmas card.
    Happy S Day!

  4. Gorgeous! Sunsets are my favorite. :-)


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