Z is for Zebra Wearing Sneakers and the Rodeo Queen

She's a wild thing, this one. She likes to jump and climb and climb and jump.
This is the zebra that her older brother got from Grandma for his first birthday. 
It's still a hit with the Little Tykes! She was about 18 months here. 
She was jumping and singing. A real show stopper. 
She's gonna be a big hit in the Rodeo! 

And with this, I breath a big sigh of relief! 
I did it! I made! I completed the A to Z challenge! 
Oh my goodness! I need a nap!

(another Z word… zzzzzzzzzz)

 I also want to thank and welcome all the great bloggers I met there. 
It was so fun seeing how everyone approached this challenge. I've got some ideas for next year! 
Thanks to everyone who dropped in, poked around, and commented. 
I hope to see more of y'all!

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  1. Happy A-Z ending!
    Glad to have found your blog through it!


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