A to Z Challenge in Retrospect

This was the first year I've participated in the A to Z Challenge. I honestly thought I was crazy for signing up. But not only did I enjoy myself, it wasn't as hard to pull off as I thought.

I couldn't have made it without scheduling my posts. That helped immensely, although there where a few days when the scheduled posts ran out and I needed to actually take a minute to set up the rest of the month. Over all, I spend very little time at the computer.

Coming up with the posts was the fun part. The theme made it easy and my kids liked brainstorming ideas with me. Having the posts more image related helped. But now and then I told a story, like in my Owl post.

My most popular post seems to be the Cubs. And thus far we haven't seen them this year. That's a good thing. I hope they are more leery of us now that they are older. I have, however, seen three grizzly bears in the past week! But it was much farther away, off the Guest Ranch.

A darn big Grizzly Bear, looking right at me! 

He was pretty far away though.
My daughter took this shot of me. She's so awesome. 

Sorry… back to this post…

Will I do it again? You bet! And now that I know I will, I've got a year to plan!
Do I recommend it to other bloggers? Absolutely!

And the perks are even better! I've so enjoyed seeing how others have approached the challenge. I've visited many fabulous writers and will continue to. Many of the blogs on the list were not the kind of blogs who hang in the same Memes as I usually do. So the link up aspect of this challenge introduced me to these wonderful people whom I wouldn't have found on my own.

And I want to thank everyone who popped in on me! I have enjoyed every one of your comments!

Thanks for coming 'round!

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  1. I missed your blog the first time around, but glad I caught it for the reflections. I also connect with photo posts. I'm off to check out some of yours!


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