Counting Down to Opening Day

No, I'm not talking about MLB here, I know opening day has come and gone (Go Giants)!

Yeah, I'm a born and raised Giants fan. See, I told you orange is my favorite color!

I'm talking about here at the ranch. The Guest Ranch will open in 13 days!

Before that, we have our annual Volunteer Weekend to help get ready. We have a willing group of 80+ come stay with us and do some of the more labor intensive work. They bring their own sleeping bags and sleep wherever they will fit. They help chop firewood for each of the guest cabins, the lodge, the employee cabins, the office and our home. They wash windows and floors, they set up the furniture and unpack the kitchen, they plant in the gardens, and prepare their own food. This year they get to help put a new fence around the pool, lay sod in front of the lodge and put down a flagstone path throughout the property. We are still suffering the aftermath of the septic project of the the fall, namely in MUD! These people are amazing!

Bunny talking to the tomatoes in the greenhouse.
The back wall is full of sprouts waiting for their move to the gardens.

Now sadly for me, the weekend is the same weekend that my 7th grader has her last track meet. So I will not be there to help in all that. I'm sorry, but my kiddos do come first. Plus, I know they are in good hands.

It is also the day of the Walk MS that I am signed up for. I am signed up as a virtual walker, because I knew I wouldn't be able to be there. But I am still in need of donations! If you would like to make a donation, click on the green MS button on the top of my side bar up there. That will take you were you need to get.


  1. Well, you are a busy ranch mama after all -- you need a clone. :)

  2. I 2nd Nancy. You are busy!

  3. Hi! I am a new follower. I found you from the Coast to Coast map. I am so excited to find some other MT bloggers! We just moved to Helena about a year ago. It says on the map that is where you are from, right?

  4. Sounds busy!

    I'm a die-hard Cubs fan myself (which means I'm always a little bummed around October...) haha... I just love baseball :) oddly enough, Will Clark was one of my all-time favorite players back in the 80s.


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